Now, This is What I Call Marketing…

As this blog is going to include some thoughts on what makes for good marketing and, sometimes, what might be considered poor marketing or simply not marketing at all, it only seems right to include a statement of intent, to lay out the rules of engagement. So here it is…..

That Vital Spark’s Marketing definition –

“a managerial philosophy, based on the belief  that the best results are achieved through the continuous process of both understanding and responding to the market in which an organisation operates”

Managerial philosophy – the practice of marketing is not just for business but for all organisations, nor is it the preserve of just one department or function. Rather, it is an approach that should be adopted and practiced by everyone. You probably have more chance of succeeding if you have marketing experts involved but they don’t have to have the word marketing in their job title.

The Market – fundamental to the concept of marketing is the explicit recognition that there are a whole range of internal and external factors which impact on the success of an enterprise. At first that realisation helped switch the focus from the product/producer to the consumer. Over time, driven by growing globalisation and the increasing speed and ease of communication, the range of factors that need to be considered has been broadening out. Today, ‘the market’ can encompass almost everything; customers, competitors, suppliers, staff, new technologies, shareholders, local community, wider society etc etc.

Understanding and responding to – Every organisation needs to spend time working out which aspects of their market have an impact on their business, to what extent and how/if that might change in the future. The decisions the organisation then takes about how it operates should be in direct response to this market understanding. This is not just how it advertises and promotes itself, but how the whole organisation acts – what sort of activities it undertakes, how it creates and delivers them, how it behaves towards staff, suppliers, shareholders other stakeholders etc.

Continuous process – like the Christmas puppy, marketing should be for life. There is no point in just doing it once. Nothing else in your world is likely to stay unchanged for long so why should your marketing plan?

There’s no shortage of other opinions on what constitutes marketing and some of these will be visited in future posts. I will keep coming back to this definition of marketing to see if it needs to be refined and developed, but for now there it is. So, whadaya reckon…


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