Fools Gold

This poster was produced by The Guardian for April Fools Day. I love it.

It worked perfectly; making me laugh first then stop for a second and wonder if the claim, that Labour were planning to play up Gordon Brown’s hard-man image, might actually be real. In one go the poster manages to make fun of both Labour and the Conservatives and of modern partisan politics as a whole.

It does make me wish that, serious though it is, there was room in today’s elections for a bit of wit and humour like this; the sort of banter and debate that might help people understand and connect with the ideas and issues being promoted, and that might make the politicians promoting them seem less remote and more human.

However, with the media and political parties more interested in scoring points, finding fault and highlighting failings, I’m not sure that opening themselves up to accusations of being human is going to be high on anyone’s agenda for the next few weeks.


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