A Folk Song A Day

This a great. A simple idea, to post a new song every day for a year, beautifully executed by a superb singer; the whole thing demonstrating just what can be done with today’s ‘social’ technologies and a little care and imagination.

A Folk Song A Day, began 0n 24th June 2010 – Midsummer’s Day. Every day for one year singer Jon Boden is posting a traditional song online to promote the art of ‘social’ (or communal) singing. You can hear the songs via the website or subscribe to the podcast. Each new post includes some background and history for the song and links to more detail and of course there’s plenty of opportunity to share your thoughts through comments or tweets @folksongaday.

Faced with a whole year to fill and a repertoire of only 200 songs John knows he’ll need to learn more by next spring. And there are practical problems involved in making daily recordings during forthcoming extensive tours with both Bellowhead and the Remnant Kings. “I should have got an iPhone when I had the chance. I might have to borrow one to record stuff when we’re on the road. But it’s really interesting and it’s nice not to have to worry about commercial pressures.”

If you are a bit wary of ‘folk’ music you might like to start with Mercedes Benz, but do check out some of the others, traditional music like this is full of tales of war and lust and death and quite often it’s just plain filthy!

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