August Music; The 70’s (well, some of it)

August’s listening was inspired by a damp day spent in a West Sussex field at the first Goodwood Vintage Festival.

The whole weekend was a celebration of all things British, from the 1940’s onwards. Whilst we dipped our toes in the other decades, we spent most of our Friday there enjoying some vintage sounds from the early 70’s!

The ‘Soul Casino’ provided the perfect escape from the rain with set after set of floorshaking Northern Soul. Then as darkeness fell Wilko Johnson, the Godfather of pub and punk rock, produced a brilliant hour of classic, jagged, jumpy guitar sounds.

Top of the bill though was a roaring set from the specially re-formed Faces. The three originals helped out by Glen Matlock on bass and Mick Hucknall standing in for Sir Rodney on lead vocals.

There have been some sniffy doubts raised about Mr Hucknall but it should be said he did a fine job. He has a great voice and the Faces’ material, with its mix of soul, blues and rollicking rock and roll, provides an ideal showcase for his vocal range and power. He even manged to play the lead whilst taking care not to steal the limelight from the original members.

After a couple of blistering hours it was easy to see why the Faces were so influential. As well as the huge popularity of their live shows and the subsequent careers of Kenny, Ronny and Rod, the quality of their music just can’t be denied. Okay there were a few indulgent 70’s style instrumental breaks (including a drum solo to remind us all why punk was born!), but there was also a tonne of great tunes and brilliant songs, in which it was possible to hear elements of all sorts of classic bands including Yes, Led Zep and of course the Stones.

It was more than enough to have me searching out a decent compilation the minute I got home.  The Best Of Faces: Good Boys … When They’re Asleep … is a great place to start and if Pool Hall Richard doesn’t quickly become one of your favourite tunes, then Ooh La La.


One thought on “August Music; The 70’s (well, some of it)

  1. It was cold and at times very, very wet!

    Have to agree that Mick really was impressive and I wasn’t a big fan to begin with, the others weren’t too bad either, the drum solo really did go on and on and on…..

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