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“What’s the secret weapon that will give a business an unfair advantage over its competitor?….Creativity…More specifically the ability to come up with ideas and to successfully bring them to life in the marketplace.”

Welcome to the ‘The Business Playground’, a stimulating and inspiring look at the nature of creativity, how to generate more of it and how to spot and realise the commercial potential of your best ideas.

Mixing theory, research studies and interviews with successful creatives from the worlds of business, film, theatre and music, ‘The Business Playground’ takes a look at the creative process, including the importance of asking questions, the role of play, unlikely places to find inspiration, thinking big and how to create the best environment for your creativity to succeed.

Written by Dave Stewart (Eurythmic and ‘Change Agent’ for Nokia!) and Mark Simmons (Branding Expert) this is a bright, engaging and thoughtful look at creativity. Reflecting the importance they place on play, it is also often quite silly (there are some really terrible jokes, but don’t let that put you off) and comes complete with more than a dozen games to help you  get the creative action going.

Creativity can be a daunting prospect for some. Great books like this help us to understand what creativity really is, where it comes from and, most importantly, that it’s not just the preserve of weird blokes in sunglasses and funny hats  but that everyone has the capacity to be creative too.

To find out more and download a sample chapter of the book visit the Business Playground website.


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