Orange Juice – You Can Help Yourself

Domino Records are about to release a comprehensive seven-disc anthology of one of the finest groups of all-time – Orange Juice.

To mark the occasion they’ve created a nice wee widget that plays five of the finest OJ tunes.

  • Rip it Up
  • Blue Boy
  • I Can’t help Myself
  • What Presence?!
  • A Sad Lament

Just click on the cover image above to get started?!


3 thoughts on “Orange Juice – You Can Help Yourself

  1. Had no idea who Orange Juice were (no need to comment) however thought it would be worth checking out the widget to find out more. Turns out I recognise some of the tunes and might look into them further as they might have some gems in their large catalogue.

  2. I find it hard to believe that anyone hadn’t heard of Orange Juice! I can only imagine that they must come from some far flung uncultured part of the world?

    1. Dude,welcome! Not sure OJ’s fame reached much out of Scotland let alone the boonies Down Under!

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