October Music; Deerhunter, The Walkmen, Blonde Redhead, Justin Townes Earl

The usual summer drought of new music finally broke with a deluge, delivering brilliant albums from four of my favourite artists. Possible career highs from Deerhunter, Justin Townes Earle and The Walkmen and a wonderful re-invention from Blonde Redhead, welcome additions to great back catalogues that are all worth seeking out.  (Bite-size-bits of music-journo-speak come courtesy of metacritic.)

Halcyon Digest – Deerhunter

Listen to  ‘Desire Lines’

“As one of music’s most consistent bands, their ideas continue to surprise and astonish on Halcyon Digest’s soaring highs.”

“Throughout all this, lies a sense of warm experimentation that should feel familiar to fans of Deerhunter’s unique brand of ambience-loving indie-rock. Halcyon Digest is simply another solid entry in the discography of a mighty band.”

Lisbon – The Walkmen

Listen to ‘Juveniles’

“Lisbon is an album from a band finally using the full palette of their talents to adapt and come out the better for it, and that’s a pretty picture to behold indeed.”

“Lisbon is a collation and culmination of their finest work in years. Rather than a selection of scattered snapshots, this time we’ve got the bigger picture. And it’s irresistible.”

Harlem River Blues – Justin Townes Earle

Listen to ‘Harlem River Blues’

“Harlem River Blues is Justin Townes Earle’s crowning moment. It’s relaxed without being tiresome, vintage without being gimmicky. Most importantly, it’s great. The songs are great, the lyrics are great and there’s not a weak song on it.”

“Harlem River Blues is utterly balanced, skillfully crafted, and exquisitely written and produced. Earle proves that he is a force to be reckoned with; in these grooves he embodies the history, mystery, and promise of American roots music.”

Penny Sparkle – Blonde Redhead

Listen to ‘Not Getting There’

“Always building and beautiful, their sparse, even minimal, approach lends Penny Sparkle a complexity that’s both rich and rewarding in both its inspiration and execution.”

“Penny Sparkle is a welcome addition to the group’s carefully curated discography. Longtime fans should be challenged to hear the band’s growth, while new listeners are implored to seek out past works for comparison.”



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