Radiohead – King of Limbs

King of Limbs, the new album from Radiohead is a wonderful thing; slight, strange, and challenging / beautifully crafted, enchanting and richly rewarding

If you’re a Radiohead fan you’ll love it, though maybe not if you’re one of those who still pine for the pre-Kid A sound, before the guitars started to recede a little and the loops and beats began to fill some of the space.

If you’re one of the undecided then watch this… Thom Yorke blissing out to ‘Lotus Flower’, perhaps the most rounded and accessible of the new album’s delicate, complex, strange and wonderful tracks.

If you’re still not convinced, dig out a copy of OK Computer and listen again to the beats, bleeps and squelches that illuminate the background of all sorts of songs. Yes Radiohead have changed, but they’ve done it by evolving; building-on their classic sound not abandoning it.