Seve Ballasteros (1957- 2011)

My Mum and Dad were big golfers, every holiday they dragged us reluctantly round some cold, wet, golf course somewhere, scolding us for diving in bunkers and using putters as machine guns!

Then Seve arrived, hitting outrageous shots from the gorse, from deep in bunkers, behind trees, in and out of car parks; he had a swash-buckling sense of adventure that seemed new to golf, it wasn’t about precision and correctness but passion and imagination.

Of course he was a winner, all over the place, but it was his style that we will remember, his decency, his sense of fun and his desire to play the game his way.

He will be missed by all and fondly remembered forever.

Rest in Peace, Severiano Ballesteros.

Here’s what turned me into a golfer….


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