Online Engagement Guidance for Employees

This great image is from a really interesting campaign by the Ministry of Defence, highlighting to members of the armed services the need to think carefully about anything they share online. The campaign is supported by videos, a website and a detailed set of Online Engagement Guidelines. All well worth a look.

It’s an extreme example perhaps, given the very specific risks service personnel face, but this sort of activity is something more organisations should be thinking about. It may seem like common sense but society as a whole is still working out exactly how to use and manage many of the new communication tools; just look at the twitter injunction controversy or the Facebook juror.

Organisations that want to protect their customers, their employees, their sensitive data and their valuable reputations would be well advised to spend some time ensuring everyone in their organisation is fully aware of the wider implications of using social media tools, exactly what is or isn’t acceptable and just how widely any of their online contributions can be seen.

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