From when on did ‘Since Now’ make good copy?

It might be the pedant in me, but I’m afraid I really don’t like ‘Since Now’ – the tag line for Nissan’s new Infiniti Hybrid ad campaign

I know that one of the aims of any ad campaign is to grab and hold viewers attention, but ideally this should be with something intriguing, engaging or compelling, something that makes you want to learn more. ‘Since Now’  clearly made an impression on me, but not in a good way. Being brought to a stop by that clumsy phrasing is like catching a favourite jumper on some rusty barbed wire, I know I can pick myself free and move on but I can’t help feeling that it leaves things just a little damaged, a little less perfect.

‘Since now’ doesn’t just feel wrong grammatically (the way it mixes the past and the present is horrid) it also does the rest of the ad a major disservice – ‘The perfect line is a curve’ is a much better sentiment and does much more for the car and the brand, I can’t help feeling though that its impact is diminished by all the re-coiling and anguish that the mangled opening brings on.

It would be interesting to know how much consideration was given to ‘since now’; did they really like it, was it just a poor choice of words or was it deliberately chosen for its jarring, attention grabbing qualities?

For a better example of how a strange or unexpected word choice can both grab attention and add something to the message consider the ‘smooth outcome’ line used by Stella Artois. The common phrase when describing drinks is to say they have a ‘smooth finish’, a little twist by the creative team and they have a distinctive way of talking about their product, the basis for a long running campaign and something that even makes this pedant smile!