How to create effective infographics

We like a good infographic at TVS* but, as they’ve become more popular, their real value and usefulness has been forgotten in the desperate rush to create sharable content.

A good infographic presents complex information quickly and clearly. By creating visual representations of information and data, infographics provide a way of communicating ideas and concepts in a more impactful and digestible form than mere text allows. But they can’t be used for everything so, before you start, be sure the infographic really is the best vehicle for the message you’re trying to convey.

This from Voltier Creative makes the case for the infographic and provides a nice process to follow if you are looking to create your own. It also acts as an example of what is often wrong with infographics today – it is too long and too wordy, largely because the topic doesn’t really lend itself to an infographic; rather than use imagery to explain an idea they have just illustrated a lot of words, which is not the same!


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