How Organisations Structure Social Media Teams

This helpful infographic from summarises some of the key findings from a new Ragan/NASDAQ OMX Corporate Solutions survey which looked at how a variety of organisations, big and small, put together their social media functions.

A couple of additional interesting areas from the report, that the graphic doesn’t cover, show just how far most organisations have still to go in developing their social media skills and proving to their leadership teams that they can help deliver worthwhile returns.

Which of the following best describes your organization’s social media efforts?

  • Advanced. We’re a well-run machine. 13%
  • Intermediate. We use social media regularly, but have more to learn and accomplish. 64%
  • Beginner. We’re newbies! 23%

Does your senior management support social media?

  • They’re very supportive. 38%
  • They’re somewhat supportive. 43%
  • They’re not supportive at all. 3%
  • They’re indifferent. 16%



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