Choosing the ideal # for your tweets…

Hashtags (#) have become an integral part of Twitter. They’ve become a way of signing off, a tag line to raise a smile or make a point. They help us search out specific comments and content and they provide simple topic flags around which users  gather to share their thoughts.

It is one of the joys of twitter that anyone can start or join any conversation, all you need is the right hashtag. But how do you decide which hashtag(s) to use in order to get yourself heard, particularly when you’re trying to start a new discussion of your own?

To help users select the best tags for their tweets, Twitter has produced an infographic, and accompanying blog post, outlining a step-by-step process. To be honest it’s not be the clearest diagram, or the simplest decision process, but it’s well worth reading as a sense-check on the way you’re currently selecting your hashtags and as a guide to what might be worth considering going forward.

3 questions to help you choose a hashtag

  1. Does the hashtag already exist? Are people already using it in conversations?
  2. Is your new hashtag easy to understand? Is a tweet featuring this hashtag going to be interesting to people who aren’t already following you?
  3. Will you continue using your hashtag – building awareness and understanding and developing something of real value to your followers?



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