So, what makes for a beautiful intranet in 2014?


Digital Workplace Group have announced the winners of My Beautiful Intranet 2014, their competition to promote and celebrate the use of good design in the creation of engaging, inspiring, usable and adaptive internal websites.

This year’s winners include Verizon and Adobe (both pictured below) and you can see screenshots  and read more about them here.

Usefully, having reviewed all the competition entries, DWG have been able to identify a list of what they consider to be the ideal attributes of a successful intranet, and a pretty good list it is:

  1. Clean, non-distracting visual design.
  2. Responsive design for mobile device access.
  3. User-friendly navigation.
  4. Personalized content.
  5. Integration of social features.
  6. Integration of other enterprise systems (e.g. HR portal).
  7. A balance of news, social and task-based content on the homepage.

Towards the end of last year, Paul Miller, CEO and Founder of DWG, shared his thoughts on what would happen in the digital workplace industry during 2014.

As we approach the mid-point of the year, and following the release of the competition results, revisiting the predictions makes interesting reading and still provides a good overview as to how the best digital solutions are being developed and implemented around the world.

  1.  Across intranets, collaboration and the wider digital workplace the emphasis will be on robust execution, stable connection and enterprise systems that actually work 24/7.
  2.  Digital workplaces will extend the connections between staff and customers – and blur the line between “inside” and “outside” the modern digitized organization.
  3. The reach of intranet and wider digital workplace services, via mobile phones and tablets, will embrace the “digitally disenfranchised”, with dramatic, empowering consequences.
  4. Intranet, collaboration and digital workplace managers and teams will be front and centre for the “C Suite” leadership because they have rare skills.
  5. The social intranets phase is now “business as usual” – but the participatory, conversational model will extend its reach.
  6. Beauty, fabric and texture (the look and feel) in digital enterprise services will drive adoption.
  7. Training, hand-holding and patience will characterize success stories for new intranet, collaboration and digital workplace roll-outs.
  8. The “revenge of the office” (home workers feeling isolated and missing out on quality services) will be felt through new physical workplace formats (more, smaller offices, nearer to home).
  9. Advanced intranets will integrate publishing and collaboration in one environment. (The services we use most will be presented in a single integrated digital world in a similar way on the desktop, mobile or in the enterprise cloud).
  10. Leadership will increasingly treat the digital workplace as the digital backbone for its leadership style and impact.


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