10 Reasons You’re Not A Success, Yet.

head-in-handsWe don’t really do New Year’s resolution here at TVS. The cold, grey, wet months of January never seem like the best time to stop eating or start exercising; the light mornings and warmer days of Spring seem better suited to that.

We do, though, like a fresh start; a clean page and a gentle dig in the ribs to consider how things are going and what we could be doing better.

This list got us thinking…

10 Reasons Your Not A Success, Yet.

  1. You’re not working as hard as you think you are. Success takes actual hard work, that means being highly productive and cutting out the time-wasting.
  2. You aren’t willing to take risks. You can’t be successful unless you take some risks; change your job, invest money or time, or simply speak up and share your ideas.
  3. You give up when things get hard. What distinguishes those that succeed is their ability to overcome obstacles; to ignore them, go round them, go over them or to just remove them. Obstacles are part of life, they’ll always be there, so use them to learn, improve and move forward.
  4. You think you’ve already failed. Some people are beaten before they begin, as Henry Ford said, ‘Whether you believe you can or can’t, you’re right’. No-one succeeds by going through the motions – keep believing your goal is possible.
  5. You aren’t trying anything new. Sticking with the same old routines won’t lead to the new ideas and opportunities you need for success. Break out of your comfort zone, look for ways of changing things; go somewhere new, meet new people, experiment with different things at work.
  6. You aren’t educating yourself. Keep learning; being better informed than your competition will always be an advantage. With all the content available online, there’s no excuse for not continually improving your knowledge.
  7. You haven’t set any goals. Setting goals is a great motivator; they focus your actions, help you monitor your progress and give you a sense of achievement when they’re reached.
  8. You haven’t learned from your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. Don’t ignore them or dwell on them. Learn from them, apply the lessons and move forward.
  9. You don’t accept help. Few people become successful by themselves. Be willing to ask for and accept help from other people. Seek out experts. You’ll be glad you did.
  10. You’re sabotaging yourself. Some people are afraid of or intimidated by, success. They don’t know how they’d handle themselves if things work out, so they subconsciously sabotage themselves. Be wary of this, remind yourself that success is a good thing – and when it happens you’ll deserve it!