Bill Walsh’s Standard of Performance

Bill Walsh was one of the NFL's most successful, innovative and highly respected Head Coaches, leading the San Fransisco 49ers from ridicule to 'World Champions'  in just 3 seasons.  He built a team that would win 4 Super Bowls in 11 years and coached some of the sport's greatest stars of all time, including Joe... Continue Reading →


10 Reasons You’re Not A Success, Yet.

We don't really do New Year's resolution here at TVS. The cold, grey, wet months of January  never seem like the best time to stop eating or start exercising; we leave that 'til the light mornings and warmer days of Spring. We do, though, like the fresh start that a new year offers, the dig... Continue Reading →

How to Write – Elmore Leonard

Everyone approaches writing differently. Some revel in the use of language, whilst others take a more stripped back approach, trying to get out of the way of the world they're creating and the story they're telling. Elmore Leonard was a brilliant and stylish writer; his stated aim was to make himself invisible, but, in doing... Continue Reading →

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