The state of Internal Communications 2013-2014

Gatehouse have released their fifth annual State of the Sector report, looking at the key challenges facing Internal Communications in 2013-2014. Conducted in November 2013, the survey received 157 responses from organisations ranging in size from a few hundred people to more than 50,000 employees. The full report is well worth a read, as always,... Continue Reading →


7 types of Enterprise Social Network users

This infographic might be overly simplistic but it's a useful reminder that when introducing social tools into an organisation not everyone is going to find it easy or exciting and you'll need to develop different ways of engaging different types of users.      

Have you met the ‘Showroomers’ ?

With the rapid rise in smartphone penetration, consumers can now walk a store‚Äôs aisles with all the knowledge and information of the internet immediately available in the palm of their hand. As a result, retailers are taking a real interest in how they can prevent "showrooming" from encouraging customers to leave stores without a trip... Continue Reading →

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