John Cleese on creativity

With the news that Monty Python are putting together a new(ish) show, now seems like a good time to revisit John Cleese's talk on how to approach the challenge of being creative, some frankly dodgy jokes but a lot of interesting ideas too... s Five conditions that make creativity more likely: Space - a... Continue Reading →


A toolkit for building a better mind

Wi-Phi, or 'Wireless Philosophy' is an online, open access philosophy project co-created by Yale University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Wi-Phi's mission is to ' introduce people to the practice of philosophy by making videos that are freely available in a form that is entertaining, interesting and accessible to people with no background in the subject.'... Continue Reading →

More than one thing worth knowing…

One Thing I Know - Hard-earned insights from Creative Leaders - is a really valuable new website created by Creative England. Billed as a guide for anyone setting up a creative business, the website features a series of personal essays by entrepreneurs from the creative industry, each one offering advice on a range of subjects... Continue Reading →

Responsive Web Design

This week That Vital Spark got a fresh coat of paint with a move onto a new WordPress theme - Skylark. The change is another bit of learning-by-doing, prompted by some work on the use of 'Responsive Web Design'. (To see how Skylark adapts to different sized readers, try grabbing the right hand edge of... Continue Reading →

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