Intranet best practice for 2014

The Nielsen Norman Group have published their 2014 Internet Design Annual. As usual it provides some great insights into the latest trends and best practices in the use of digital solutions for internal communications. Great intranets are being created faster Creating a new intranet, from beginning to end, took this year’s winning teams just 16.7 […]

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Why it really is better to give…

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone, but the more the members of an organisation help one another the more successfully they are all likely to be. Indeed, a recent study by Michigan State University, even suggests that co-operation is a key element in the evolutionary process and groups that indulge in largely […]

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Best Intranets 2013

The Nielsen Norman Group have just revealed their 10 best-designed intranets of 2013. As always the results reveal useful pointers as to what currently goes into making the most effective intranet sites, some of those we found most interesting include… 1. Great Intranets Require Years to Create – from inception to launch, on average, the […]

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New ideas for engaging employees

McKinsey Quarterly recently announced the winning entries in its Beyond Bureaucracy Challenge, which asked managers to describe practices that better engage their employees, empower them to manage themselves, or provide a perspective on the organization from the outside in. Interestingly, almost all the initiatives were about ways of increasing openness and reducing management control including […]

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