7 types of Enterprise Social Network users

This infographic might be overly simplistic but it's a useful reminder that when introducing social tools into an organisation not everyone is going to find it easy or exciting and you'll need to develop different ways of engaging different types of users.      


Evolution of the networked enterprise

McKinsey have published the results of their sixth annual survey on the business use of social tools and technologies.Their findings show that use of social tools has now moved on from an initial experimentation phase to a position where their use is becoming something close to the norm. (83% of respondents' companies use at least... Continue Reading →

Social Intranet Trends

Employee collaboration and open communication are now business drivers in many companies, but social enterprise features are often poorly integrated with the rest of the intranet.' 4 years after their initial study the nngroup have just completed a follow-up study into the use of social communication and collaboration features within organisations. As always their report... Continue Reading →

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