The skills of the modern marketer

Interesting insights from econsultancy on the skills needed by today’s successful marketers. Alongside the obvious need to understand digital and social media, the report highlights a growing emphasis on the need for softer skills. Perhaps this reflects the fact that marketing activity is at last becoming less the siloed domain of specialists and  more a […]

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Have you met the ‘Showroomers’ ?

With the rapid rise in smartphone penetration, consumers can now walk a store’s aisles with all the knowledge and information of the internet immediately available in the palm of their hand. As a result, retailers are taking a real interest in how they can prevent “showrooming” from encouraging customers to leave stores without a trip […]

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More than one thing worth knowing…

One Thing I Know – Hard-earned insights from Creative Leaders – is a really valuable new website created by Creative England. Billed as a guide for anyone setting up a creative business, the website features a series of personal essays by entrepreneurs from the creative industry, each one offering advice on a range of subjects […]

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