15 digital trends for 2015

Bell Pottinger have identified 15 digital trends that they believe will influence the way brands communicate in 2015. Their list is based on the most talked about trends in 2014, which have been ranked in order of percentage increase throughout the year. James Thomlinson, Partner and MD of Bell Pottinger Digital, says: “While technology will be one... Continue Reading →


The State of Social Business 2013

Following on from the their recent e-book The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy the Altimeter Group have just published the findings of their latest survey into the use of social media within businesses. The report shows how far organisations have come in making the most of these new opportunities and, perhaps more importantly, just... Continue Reading →

Why it really is better to give…

It shouldn’t really come as a surprise to anyone, but the more the members of an organisation help one another the more successfully they are all likely to be. Indeed, a recent study by Michigan State University, even suggests that co-operation is a key element in the evolutionary process and groups that indulge in largely... Continue Reading →

The Six Stages of Social Business Transformation

Following on from the recent post on the Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy, this report from the Altimeter Group, provides a useful roadmap of the stages an organisation passes through on their way to becoming a fully functioning social business. At present most companies are still getting to grips with the possibilities of social media.... Continue Reading →

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