The State of Social Business 2013

Following on from the their recent e-book The Seven Success Factors of Social Business Strategy the Altimeter Group have just published the findings of their latest survey into the use of social media within businesses. The report shows how far organisations have come in making the most of these new opportunities and, perhaps more importantly, just... Continue Reading →


Doing it Right – Social Media Marketing

This is a great overview of social media marketing from we are social, full of interesting insights, ideas and examples. There's a lot here and it's all well worth reading, but for those wanting to dip in, the key sections are Best in class - Who's setting the standard - slide 15 Doing it right... Continue Reading →

Social Media around the World 2012

Insites Consulting have launched their Social Media around the World 2012 report. The report features insights into the status of social media around the world and 'more than 2.000 facts and figures about social media in 19 countries'. Topics covered include - main adoption and usage, interactions of consumers with brands, impact of branded conversations,... Continue Reading →

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