How links and hashtags increase your chances of a retweet…

They say every tweet is a chance to spread your ideas and build relationships with your followers. So, if you're looking to grow your influence, how important is it to start including hashtags, numbers, quotes, photos or video links? The data team at Twitter have been trying to find out. They analysed over 2 million... Continue Reading →


Choosing the ideal # for your tweets…

Hashtags (#) have become an integral part of Twitter. They've become a way of signing off, a tag line to raise a smile or make a point. They help us search out specific comments and content and they provide simple topic flags around which users  gather to share their thoughts. It is one of the... Continue Reading →

The art of getting Retweets

Following on from an earlier post, 10 ways to increase your follower count on Twitter, this infographic from Quick Sprout includes some nice tips about getting your content retweeted more often. Top 3 tips Use only 71-100 characters in your original tweet. That then leaves enough room for RT @username and a comment. Tweet links, don't... Continue Reading →

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