How to Scale Your Social Business Program

Really interesting talk from Jeremiah Owyang on how to manage the inevitable increase in demand for social interaction. As Jeremiah says; "We know that many companies are continuing to realize that social business does not scale in a 1:1 basis. Your customer voices will always outnumber the number of community managers you can hire. As... Continue Reading →


The World’s Largest Skateboard!

This is brilliant. I can't decide what I like best; the madness of the idea in the first place, the care and detail with which it has been done or the crazy 'Land of the Giants' imagery in the video. I'm not sure I would call this a disaster though, most skateboard tricks I've seen... Continue Reading →

Web 3.0!!!

This is a beautifully made little film about the 'semantic web', a possible next step intended to make it easier for internet users to find their way through the masses of data being produced every day.

Fool’s Day – Blur

Lovely new track from Blur, their first since 2003, let's hope there's more to come. This one was released as a limited edition in support of Record Store Day (17/04/10). Especially in these download days, it's very satisfying to flip through a rack or two of strange albums you'd never otherwise get to hear about.... Continue Reading →

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